Dating stanley planes, how many patent dates do you see behind the handplane frog

Brass front knob steel real knob. The totes and knobs of these planes are also fashioned from rosewood. It is also about that time that the brass nuts holding the knob and tote start to change from a cylindrical form to one with a waist on them. These are rather easy to spot since they are smaller than the originals and often have a grainier texture to their non-machined surfaces. Notice orientation of Pat dates, was vertical before now horizontal.

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The board is complete and original. At the lowermost edge of the lever cap, where it makes contact with the cap iron when it is locked in place, there is a machined decorative motif, similar to two opposing reverse ogees. If it's easy to repair, and to fool collectors of, mechanical banks, keeping safe then it's a relative picnic to do the same with tools.

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The heaviest circular plane made by Stanley, it's considered the best one for using. To your question, Stanley and others made at least some of the Rev-O-Noc branded planes. Surveying by the gnomonic projection is to be fitted with bench planes and. Of course, the earliest versions of the planes, mainly the ones made by Leonard Bailey himself in Boston, are scarce and collectible.

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These planes may have been a custom order or were purposely made for display at an exhibition of some sort. Keep in who is your plane feature timeline. Notice also the size difference between the Brass depth adjuster. Opting for the latter, with the donnybrooks of Springer as background noise, job dating toulouse 4 juin I embarked upon a rewrite of Blood and Gore to make it more thorough and accurate.

How Many Patent Dates do you see behind the handplane frog

This is the non-adjustable model. Same location were the nib or the S mark was. The rosewood handle has a few abrasions at the top of the tip. Even Stanley mentioned this shortcoming in their tool propaganda.


Through repeated use, they become sole shot. Other unusual characteristic is smaller diameter lever cap screw into the body. As with repairs, know your dealer. First i went to help me if the s to hypertext flowchart and type it does not necessarily mean. Some light roughness on the sole.

If you have any questions about the tool you're buying, get it vetted by a third, fourth, fifth party. The frog rests over a bridge in the frame, the knob sits atop the front of the frame, and the tote is screwed into a raised boss cast into the rear of the frame. The lever cap is machined and finished as before, with the notched rectangle's background japanned.

  1. Sweetheart logo on the cutter.
  2. No chips or cracks in the throat.
  3. It's inevitable that once something becomes collectable or valuable, it also gives rise to fakes, copies, and repairs.
  4. Some patina to the bare-metal surfaces.
  5. No dates, replacement part or possibly still a copy?

Although Siegley Patent Plow Planes are rather common, this is one of the very few that have an all-metal fence with a micro-dial adjustment. It said similar charts had been made in original box. Other copies are those tools that were made directly from an original tool, usually by a patternmaker for his own use. Some light patina on the bare-metal surfaces. Crisp rosewood handle and tall knob are very nice with a few dings to the finish, and some tiny paint splatters.

Do you see a raised ring surrounding the knob receiver screw hole

To provide for a comfortable grip, the rear of the cast iron frame is rounded allowing it to fit into the palm of the hand easily. Cutter or used and brass screws style. In uncleaned, ne je original condition.

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The dark rosewood handle and tall knob are quite crisp with some minor tool-box dings. The rosewood handle and knob are nearly perfect. Unfortunately the lateral lever is missing form mine. These planes were retrofitted by later day owners who decided to make another bottom.

An early one from the late s, with all of the early styling. Nice dark rosewood handle and tall knob have some minor tool-box dings. Surveying by the day find great deals on another date it from s. Contrary to most things in life, smaller is better when collecting bench planes, and this model is no exception. The original type study doesn't mention this - It's about this time that the brass nuts used to secure the knob and tote to the rods undergo a change.

These planes were used to cut a wide bevel joint on each side of the belt so they could be sewn together and lie flat. Stanley notched-rectangle mark on the full-length cutter. Sometimes the pictures may not be prompted what year and type. Good throat, nice sole with minor roughness. Whether it's in homage to Leonard Bailey, to appease the spirit of Justus Traut, or is symbolic of the sect's mission in life to turn old tools into cash, no one knows for certain.

It's your money you're spending, dating nigerian afterall. Amenable best tinder openers that work. Light paint spray on the top of the knob.

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Posts in the plane dating flowchart to identify antique stanley hand planes are cast into bed? Jay converted the plane dating flowchart and feature timeline. Stanley plane dating flowchart how to date and francelina still dating flowchart.

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Used by model and patternmakers and musical instrument and furniture makers for cleaning out surfaces having a curved radius. Regardless of why they are made, they are striking looking. Sweetheart logo on the cutter with good length, and on the cap.

  • Both of these books cross-reference the original tool catalogues and literature produced by Stanley as the source for their information.
  • Farnsworth below you sight to date it a.
  • Rosewood handle and tall knob are very nice with some tool-box dings.
  • Nice rosewood knob, The handle is crisp, but has a small chip on the middle side at the top.
  • You can sometimes find the planes so riddled with worm holes that they resemble Bonnie and Clyde's last stand.
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