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Beyond permeation, where the hose ferrule is crimped to the hose, represents a potential leak under vacuum. Connect a vacuum gauge to a vacuum source directly on the intake manifold. Works pretty slick for me. Try timing your engine using this vacuum method.

Test drive your car and listen for any ping under light acceleration as well as under heavy acceleration. Do a search here and see what is said about the supco. Operating a turbo charged vehicle within the performance limits of the system includes operating with a working boost gauge. And it comes with a two year warranty. Don't be so hard on yourself, I don't know about those tie-in areas either.

This article was written by the It Still Runs team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information. Basically just want to get to know my engine and get it running as best as possible. The vacuum hose boost gauge activation is times better than a factory gauge or a turbo engine without a gauge, so keep it simple for the best results overall.

Unfortunately, most vacuum gauge manufacturers don't provide easy-to-follow instructions and diagrams to help users interpret gauge readings, rendering the gauges themselves virtually useless. Make sure you've connected things properly. The oil in a vacuum pump acts as a blotter and absorbs all of the moisture and sediment in the system. Mechanical boost gauges can be operated by the compressed air alone, but gauges at night will need to be lit in some way to be useful. Few tools or test devices are more useful and versatile than a vacuum gauge, yet very few hobbyists own one.

How to Hook Up a Turbo Boost Gauge

The gauge is too close to the pump and it does not have a chance to equalize in pressure. The oil will only degass and will not suck up into the vacuum pump. Lastly, you can connect to the vacuum line at the carburetor, but make sure the line has vacuum at idle.

Do I use the barb that connects the clear sight tube on the carb to the see tube barb on fuel pump. Back to top Was your question not listed? It's on the opposite side of the mixture screws, and above the throttle plate. You should hear a very slight ping under light acceleration, and none under heavy acceleration.

The remaining Scenarios represent engines with various problems, as explained in each Scenario. Back behind the coil and heater valve where you can't see the splice. Turn the pump on and you will notice the side closest to the pump will be a lot lower than the other.

Where to hook up boost gauge

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Direct the boost gauge sending unit through the firewall of the vehicle into the engine compartment using existing wire harness passages to complete this task. Keep in mind when adjusting the timing, you have to turn the distributor clockwise to advance and counter-clockwise to retard. Secure the dashboard mounting panel in a position that can be viewed easily when operating the vehicle. Following the steps below, you will be able to minimize pinging, have reliable starting under all conditions, fans dating idols and easily get maximum performance from your engine using today's fuels. Without a micron gauge we do not know if the oil in the pump is clean.

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Best place to hook up boost/vacuum gauge

  • When you get accustomed to using yours we are confident you too will sing the praises of the lowly, under appreciated vacuum gauge.
  • When you screw down the male flare to the gasket quick coupler, the gasket goes into several contortions and will not seal properly.
  • Your gauge's needle might move at slightly different rates, so don't be concerned.
  • All vacuum gauge faces are graduated in inches of mercury, although some have additional scales in millimeters of mercury.

Tighten the screw cap onto the gauge tightly and the gauge will stay in one place during use. An easy placement, the dash mounted boost gauge will give the driver a quick view of the boost gauge when needed and is out of the way of view or hands. The top of the gauge screws off and then the gauge is placed behind the mounting panel, and inserted into the panel so the front screw cap can be secured onto the gauge. While you still have your vacuum gauge hooked up, it is a good time to set the idle mixture needles on the carburetor. Many technicians do this for ease of hook-up, but remember with this set up you are actually reading what the pump is doing and not what the pump is doing to the system.

Forums New posts Search forums. We'll help you write it, and give you the credit for it! But with the turbo Grand Nationals, I never had the chance to gain the knowledge of all my peers here on the forum. Mark Channels Read Calendar.

Also if your looking for some sort of vacum leak try a bottle of water while running the engine and spray it on various conection locations around the engine and if it stumbbles ther it is. Oh fat fanny, I like the fuel gauge idea, free big beautiful dating and I need a new steel gas tube as someone had kinked an area of the hose right before thd carb inlet. Knowledge Drives Pride in Workmanship.

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Then off the side of this same tool I connect my low guage hose to the manifold. And thank you for your help here. Our suggestion is to pull a system down to microns only if you are also pulling a vacuum on the compressor. Valves, Regulators, Filters, Etc. Tip Refill in any gaps created by passing the sender hose through the firewall with silicon or foam.

How to Hook Up a Turbo Boost Gauge

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Either way kinda feel uncomfortable doing that. Oil should be changed after every job and should only be changed when the oil is still hot. To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Runs, contact us. If I want to adjust carb with a vacuum hose. You should invest in a good pair of gauges.

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On the high side I just hook the high side manifold hose. What you want to see is a maximum steady vacuum reading. While watching the vacuum gauge, slowly turn the distributor clockwise advance timing and look for a maximum reading on the gauge. Would I get accurate vacuum and boost readings if I tapped into the line that my boost light on the instrument panel operates on? To fine tune, totally free adjust both screws slightly while watching the gauge.

Timing chains can slip over the years, harmonic balancers can move, and the bottom line is you are no longer able to verify where top dead center is using the old methods. The reading you get will be lower than the actual pressure because it's close to the pump and not in the system. Attach a micron gauge to the male flare end, a gauge to the tee end, and a line from the tee to the pump. Older engines can't always be tuned or adjusted per their original guidelines. Don't forget to reconnect the distributor vacuum advance.

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  1. If all the carb problems are sorted, and you only need is to set points dwell angle, ignition timing and idle speed and mixture, why not just use a dwell meter, timing light and tacho?
  2. Warning Prevent engine damage!
  3. This is the one you can valve off later and also place your thermometer in to read your superheat, so it works pretty slick.
  4. Some techs use a port away from the pump to get more accurate readings.
  5. You should be able to get a fitting with a barb from any reasonable hardware shop.
  6. For the fuel pressure test I would get an old fuel tube, cut it and insert a tee for the gauge.

It seems to take forever to pull down the system I am working on. At the beginning stick to adjusting just one screw at a time to achieve maximum vacuum. Same here, very easy to do. Secure the hosing using plastic tie downs that can secure the new hose to existing wire and hose pathways.

It's a heavy set-up but everything is right there and handy. They are fast, fun to drive, and understandable. Your goal is to have maximum steady readings. Hey, when you get that thing post a new thread on how to clean the sensor. Eventually, high this will equalize out and give the same reading.

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